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                                   We provide a wide range of land based qualifications.  Our portfolio has a strong focus on short courses to deliver the specialist skills required for a certificate of Competence (CoC) qualification.  Some of these qualifications are required for Licence to Practise activities or for membership of a CPD register.

                                  All our qualifications are developed with industry experts and employers to ensure that they support the skills needs of today's industry.

                                  Look out for new qualification developments, which will include CoC’s from all industry sectors.

                                  What we do

                                  • We design relevant vocational qualifications to be delivered through training providers, colleges and employers that help learners gain the skills employers’ value

                                  • Our qualifications are especially valued by employers because they are developed in conjunction with key industry bodies.

                                  • Our qualifications are designed for learners – they’re flexible and easy to balance with a working life.

                                  Relevant qualifications at all levels
                                  Our portfolio has a strong focus on short courses to deliver the specialist skills required for a Certificate of Competence (CoC) qualification.  Some of these qualifications are vital for Licence to Practise activities or for membership of CPD registers.

                                  Supporting niche businesses
                                  As well as creating and assessing nationally recognised qualifications, City & Guilds can work with individual organisations through their City & Guilds 免费的pcvpn and Bespoke Qualification Services.

                                  Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

                                  We design and manage industry specific registers to record CPD.   Scheme Members  are supported by a dedicated customer service team.
                                  Member benefits can include:
                                  - recognition of training and development
                                  - ongoing learning opportunities
                                  - annual training events
                                  - membership magazine




                                  Do you need a copy of your certificate and ID card?

                                  Not a problem, contact our Customer Service Team on 024 7685 7300 with your details and we can search our extensive database for your record.

                                  Please note
                                  You should receive your certificate and ID card within 25 working days of achieving your assessment. If you have not received it please contact your centre/training provider in the first instance.

                                  If you request a certificate after this time there will be a charge for it and you will need to follow the process below

                                  Click on red text below to find all the information you need:

                                  Replacement Certificates and ID Cards






                                  City & Guilds can help you gain job satisfaction by developing your knowledge and skills.  

                                  Our certificates show employers you have the ability to do a job to an industry recognised standard.  Our qualifications are are a great mix of practical skills and theoretical knowledge.

                                  Employers rate our qualifications and look for people who have them.